A lot of us, during summer, got a lot to do, cause our colleagues from job are on holidays. If we are new in the office, it is hard to get whole week off, but we still need to relax a little bit. That’s why it’s good to take some longer weekend off at labor, to recharge batteries and visit some interesting area. Nicest is to select air planes, cause it is simpler. Germany has a lot of interesting cities to explorer. Here’re 2 of them.

If you wish to chill in one of the largest market area in entire Europe, you need to book flights (https://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-beijing) to Frankfurt right now. This city was the metropolis of German trade since Middle Ages. It’s all because it location – it’s situated next to the Baltic marine, so all the ships with products were passing next to it . In present times we are also able to see symbols of this period. Frankfurt is one of few places in this area of Europe with so many secular mansions in Gothic style. You may find in there whole district with former garners.
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Another interesting option is to select flights – read this – to Munich. You can go there in Autumn for the biggest beer festival in entire world. You will be able to drink in there dozens of various labels of this beverage, all of those have special certificate, and was made in this area But if you are not a fan of alcohol, you can also book flights to Munich, and enjoy great weekend in there, in the time of summer. This is phenomenal place with many of interesting monuments, ancient buildings and nice cuisine.

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When you like to have a long weekend in some nice area, select flights to Frankfurt or Munich. Those two cities have a lot to offer to tourists, not only market or beer festivals, but either many of great buildings, delicious meals, fascinating galleries, and phenomenal panoramas. So stop vary and book your tickets right now.