Spring is a great moment to start thinking about places for breaks. It’s just a thing of time period and the shortage of cheap jet seats and low cost rooms will not be obtainable any more. This content will concentrate on 2 destinations where everybody is able to neglect about everyday responsibilities.

The city in Italy

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The 1st location which is worth visiting is Milan, a city that is situated in the north area of Italy. It’s also a capital of Lombardy area. Milan is the second greatest location after Rome, the capital in Italy. The city is well-known for art, enjoyment and manner. There occur Milan Fashion Week yearly (look). The visitors who want to find out more about Milan, need to give consideration to choosing plane tickets for affordable flights (LOT airlines) from warsaw to milan. The milestone of the location which is the Milan church building is a Roman Catholic chapel which is also one of the most fashionable traveler destinations of the town.

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The guests often take pictures in front of the church building and after chill in the close by dining establishments and cafes. During the visiting of Milan, it is worth to search for a location where are shown the most common art pieces of noble artist – Leonardo da Vinci. Milan is also a fashionable location among football followers. There are situated two baseball clubs which are very successful. These are AC Milan and FC Internazionale. The holidaymakers are able to visit their home arenas and notice their games in real life.

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If you’re enthusiastic about flights from warsaw to milan, you should learn more about the straight air travel from Poland towards Italy. The journey to Milan starts at Warsaw F. Chopin Airport and the flight lasts about two hours (read). Milan is served by three flight terminals. The oldest airport is Linate and the greatest flight terminal in Milan is Malpensa Global Airport. It’s also the second biggest flight terminal in Italy. Lastly, here is Orio al Serio which serves only domestic flights.

The routes to Asian Countries

Another town which is deserving visiting this summer is Beijing. It is the main city of the People’s Republic of Asia and the third most populated city in the globe after Shanghai (China) and Karachi (Pakistan). Generally flights to beijing are usually supplied by popular flight companies which offers economic flights in comfortable and modern aircraft. During your stay in China, it is worth to learn more about the country and visit the National Museum of Asia. The museum’s collection will explain the history of the country for everybody who will purchase plane seats for flights to beijing.