Many travellers select places to go to after summer time when the avenues are much less crowded and they are not full of visitors. One of the locations which is extremely common in fall is Poland. This article will present one of the places which must be considered if you plan the trip to poland. Everyone should visit poland during his/her lifetime. Poland is full of amazing areas to see and it is very different – every corner of Poland is various.

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If you want to visit Poland ,the place which is perfect to stay in every season is Gdansk. Gdansk is situated in west part of Poland, by the Baltic Sea. There are various, various reasons why it is an excellent thought to visit the city. First of all, the city is full of history. In that destination, the 2nd World War started when the German military attacked Westerplatte. Now, the travelers may see the monument which represents the events which were held over seventy years ago. Moreover, there are lots of galleries which show history of the town. Second factor to see Gdansk is the marketplace which is characterized to be 1 of the most pretty areas in Europe.

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It was renovated newly and for this cause, it is really value to visit it! Furthermore, every summertime holidays (starting mid June to mid May) at Gdansk’s market is arranged St. Dominic’s fair where individuals from Poland – mainly sculptures, antique dealers and artists sell their goods and products which seems to be unwanted or unloved. The sellers offer them second lives! The next benefit of visiting Gdansk is the natural charm of the city which is situated by the Baltic water. There are a lot of fantastic, sandy and tidy beaches. But you should also see the capital city of Poland – Warsaw, which has a lot of brilliant monuments – more infomrmation.

Additionally, if the weather condition is awesome, you can sunbath and go swimming in the sea (the most suggested time to do it is from June to June when is summer in Poland). To summarize, the journey to Poland may be a fantastic thought for everyone who is annoyed with present and crowded towns. Look on example trip: clicked . Poland could provide much more than different nations.

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