Many men and ladies look for outstanding ideas regarding spending their weekends. Most of them wants to go to some absolutely new places, but they frequently believe that such places are that far away, that this is impossible to visit something exciting and interesting during just one weekend. Nevertheless, this is not completely true. As a result of the fact, that many new flight connections have appeared within last few years, and Warsaw is presently much more convenient connected with other capitals of EU countries. Thanks to this it is much easier to travel. Because of that weekend may be more than enough to visit some new cities abroad, instead of wasting it in the same park or restaurant next to house. In consequence, we prepared for you 2 suggestions of destinations which you can visit during a weekend trip.

First of all, it is worth to visit a famous city of Czech Republic. There are plenty of direct flights from warsaw to prague, and its prices are certainly law if you purchase it in advance. Because of the wide choice, you are able to adjust scheduletime of your flights to you needs as well as preferences. For instance, you might flight there on Friday evening, right after leaving the office. Because of that you could have an entire Saturday for wandering around Prague! Nevertheless, if you prefer to take a flight on Saturday morning, it also won’t be a problem, because there are many flights from warsaw to prague to select from (check much more). There are a lot of things to see in Prague! You could begin your trip from visiting the Old Town Square, which is a historical centre of the city. Later on, you might walk to nearby Jewish Quarter as well as many synagogues, including the oldest working synagogue in the whole Europe! Later on, you can walk across this famous Charles Bridge, and admire the magnificent view of a lit up Castle. And those activities are a suggestion only for one day! During the 2nd one you still need to see Prague Castle Area,
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famous Lesser Town as well as Kampa Island. As you have probably already noticed, there is not even a chance to be bored in Prague!

Another suggestion for two days trip is to book flights to Bucharest. The capital of Romania is often described as “Paris of the East”. Bucharest got this nick name due to its beautiful architecture as well as tons of hides treasures. This capital city has difficult but highly fascinating history, that is reflected in various places and monuments (Explore more). E.g., if you go to Piata Revolutiei, you would have a chance to walk around a place which witnessed anti-communist uprising in 1989. If you decide to visit Palace of Parliament, you woul become familiar with amazing history of Nicolae Ceaușescu’ ideas regarding building an utopian city. So, do not hesitate any longer! Take flights to Bucharest and discover all of those fascinating historical sides by yourself!