In our lives, each time when we are doing something for a first time, we are scared it could goes badly. First day at school, university, at the job. We are worried, that we aren’t prepared enough. The same is with traveling by an air jet. This is very different than regular road by car or railway, we must to remember about almost anything! What we might have our carry on baggage, where to localize flights schedule and routemap, which papers are required. To avoid any stressful situations, only read this article.

Before the trip

Basically you must to know, which kind of papers you needed. If you are going during EU area, any common ID will be enough. Egypt or Georgia will require your passport, and United States or Canada tourist visa. So before you buy your flight, be certain you get all papers, to avoid any misunderstands. Different step is to localize the perfect ticket to your beloved destination (click). Just look at the flights schedule, you should know when to have days off at work, and don’t forget, to get the best price possible, you have to be fast, because the closer is date of trip, the more expensive are costs. Beside, you need to decide, which sort of baggage would be the best for you. If you aren’t taking to much clothes, carry on should be enough.
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Packing Luggage, which you may take on board, are double checked at the airport, so make sure you don’t have any forbidden items with you. Any fluids, like cosmetics, must to be packed into tiny bottles, each couldn’t be bigger then 100 ml. Beside, you must to put all of it inside silicon, transparent bag, not bigger then 1 kg. You might take food with you, but it has to be packed in original, producer’s cases, with expiration date on it. Any home made meals are not allowed, unless you are flying with a little kid. Before you pay for your valise, check on your carrier’s web page all dimensions allowed for it. In many of the situations, as a carry on baggage you could take one normal size bag and one other item, such as purse or back pack. Register luggage on the other hand, may be much bigger. You could put there a lot of foods, liquors (less then 70%), cigarettes, but there are also forbidden products. Any poisons, weapons, sport equipment, drugs, have no place to be inside it. Flight

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Remember to get on the airfield faster, to check the routemap, and on the flights schedule, you should know where are your plane’s gate. You will have to register your luggage, and then go for a security check. Any iron objects, items with sharp edges are forbidden. When you enter duty free zone, you may have an extra shopping. At the time of your trip, it is good to wear some convenient clothes, especially if you could spend there over then dozen hours (enter this page). The greatest will be to dress up in layers, because you don’t know if it would be to cold or to hot for you. If you are flying alone, make certain to take anything to entertain you, like nice book or magazine, and enjoy your flight.

Organizing a flight is not simple. You need to remember to get routemap with you, all needed documents, check on flights schedule correct place for you to check in. But if you wouldn’t forget about any of this things, you will have a convenient and save flight, likely.